Handwritten Greeting Card Service

Save time and money by utilizing our handwritten greeting card service for your business or non-profit. Call (424) 248-9338 to speak to us about it.

Use one of our beautiful cards or work with our design team for free to customize your own card(s) specific to your organization.

How it works

We've taken the hassle out of sending handwritten cards and thank you notes and have crushed the competition on quality and price. Once you've chosen the cards you'd like to use, the process couldn't be any simpler.

1. Send us a list of names and addresses for us to send cards to and the message you'd like us to handwrite.
2. We email you an invoice for the exact number of cards you need written. 

That's it! We'll even send you a photo of the completed cards before we ship them after our team writes, packages and addresses each one. You never have to touch a pen, cards or go searching for stamps again.


Option #1: Choose card(s) already for sale on our site.
$2.50 per card (shipping is included!) - 50 Minimum Order (we'll use them next time if you have less than 50 you need to send out right now)

Option #2: Have a custom card designed specifically for your organization - design is totally free and includes hard copy samples.
$3.00 per card (shipping is included!) - 250 Minimum Order (again, you don't have to have 250 to send out right now, we'll save them for you for later)

Our prices are the lowest anywhere.

Call (424) 248-9338 if you have any questions or would like to design custom cards for your organization.

All set? Great! Go ahead and send an email to SantaMonicaGreetingCards@gmail.com with a spreadsheet of names and addresses of the recipients as well as the card(s) you've chosen to use and the message you'd like us to write. Be as specific as possible. We'll send you an invoice and a photo once your cards have all been written!

(424) 248-9338